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Antibiotics & Resistence

If you've had a UTI, then you've definitely been given the standard treatment: antibiotics. While these are definitely a life-saver, antibiotics come with their own drawbacks, too.

UTI Symptoms and Diagnosis

How do you know you're suffering from a urinary tract infection? There are a few steps you need to take to properly diagnose a UTI. 

What to wear if you’re constantly getting a UTI

Protect yourself from fashion choices that can sneak infection- causing bacteria into your bladder before you even know it’s happening. 

Sex & UTIs

Having a sexually active lifestyle can lead to increased chances of having UTIs.

Menopause & UTIs

Hormonal changes during menopause have effects that can increase UTI recurrences.

Diabetes & UTIs

Due to the nature of diabetes, living with it can increase your chances of getting a UTI.

Clinical studies for PACs and Utiva Cranberry PACs

Does cranberry have a role in catheter-associated urinary tract infections? Read about the clinical trials around Cranberries & Utiva.

Utiva's manufacturing Process

We’re 100% Made in Canada using cranberries harvested in Canada and the US. Read more here.

Summer time tips!

Summer is the last time of year when you want to be dealing with a UTI, and yet it’s one of the most common times to experience one. Why are these months so troubling?

Spinal Cord Injuries & UTIs

Spinal cord injuries can have a direct impact on nerves which indirectly increase the risk of UTIs.