When your period and UTI hits at the same time

When your period and UTI hits at the same time

It’s that time of the month again. Aunt Flo has come to town and along with her another unfortunate visitor, a UTI. Why is it that these two unwelcome guests tend to arrive at the same time? 


Since estrogen is anti-inflammatory, it can help keep UTIs at bay. When you have your period, your estrogen levels are at their lowest making you more at risk. 


Some women have more sex during their period because they are less concerned about getting pregnant. More sex, means more UTIs


It’s no surprise that the pain and discomfort that comes with Aunt Flo can cause you stress. Stress can not only delay your period, but it can also lead to a UTI

Bad Hygiene

When you have your period, you wear pads and tampons. These feminine care products can trap more heat and moisture than just underwear alone, especially if they aren’t changed regularly. All of these factors promote bacterial growth, which increases your risk of getting a UTI.  

What are some ways to prevent a UTI during your period?

Change your feminine care products

Always change your pads and tampons regularly to prevent an infection. In particular, don’t leave a tampon in for longer than 6 hours. If a pad is completely filled, change it. 

Buy the right feminine care products

Buying high quality, absorbent tampons and pads that are free of parabens and dyes are important to preventing UTIs. If you end up with a UTI, never use tampons, as they can worsen your symptoms. 

Urinate after Sex

Make sure to pee after doing the deed. This will help ensure that any bacteria that entered the urinary tract during sex is flushed out. 

Stay calm 

Meditate. Breathe. Take time for yourself. Whatever it takes to ease your nerves, do it. You’re worth it. 

Good Hygiene 

The more clean and dry you keep yourself down there, the less likely you are to have a UTI

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