What to wear if you’re constantly getting a UTI

What to wear if you’re constantly getting a UTI

Love those pretty polyester underpants? Think your skinny jeans look amazing? We’re here to tell you, looks aren’t everything! Don’t love the clothes that can too easily cause you pain, instead, toss them from your life (or wear them only briefly). Protect yourself from fashion choices that can sneak infection- causing bacteria into your bladder before you even know it’s happening.

Bacteria thrive in warm, moist conditions. Given that the genital area is one of the warmest, moistest areas of your body, it’s easy to understand why women sometimes struggle with keeping urinary tract infections (UTIs) at bay. Here are some tips on what to wear if you are prone to UTIs.

Ban tight-fitting underpants made of non-breathing materials.These fabrics don’t allow air flow and prevent moisture from escaping your skin. Bacteria flourishes on skin that stays moist which increases the chance of it entering the bladder through the urethra.

Underwear fabrics are important. Underwear made of synthetic fabrics like lycra, nylon or other materials which don’t breathe keep the genital area warmer, increasing skin moisture. A cotton crotch insert is better than none, but the material underneath still traps heat and bacteria. If you love these underpants, wear them just for the day or evening out when you won’t be overly active.

Thongs are not your friends. E.coli is the most common bacteria in the colon and the greatest cause of UTIs. It’s easy for E.coli to attach to the string back of the thong. When you shift in your seat, run for the bus, dance, workout or even just walk, the material can move even a little, placing E.coli bacteria dangerously close to the vagina.

Workout wear watch outs. A workout raises body temperature, and damp sweaty underwear and/or leggings is paradise island for bacteria. Post-workout, change into clean, dry, breathable underpants. And don’t linger in wet bathing suit bottoms either.

Cotton underwear is best.Any style is fine, just as long as it’s not overly tight. If you wear anything else, don’t wear it for too long.

Limit skinny jeans. When is tight too tight? When your underwear is riding up, or any time your pant is so snug, it doesn’t allow for breathing room. And take it from the healthy fashion police, what pairs best with skinny jeans is clean all-cotton underwear.

Sleep free. Silky PJs made of non-breathable polyester are bad news for a night sleep. Instead, consider night-dresses without underpants, breathable pajama bottoms, or nothing at all.