Utiva Starter Kit
Utiva Starter Kit
Utiva Starter Kit
Utiva Starter Kit

Utiva Starter Kit

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This is for:
- If you have chronic UTIs and want the strongest defense
- You have tried it all after sex but it keeps coming back.
- You want to break the UTI-antibiotics cycle to avoid antibiotic resistance.

Why the starter kit? 
This starter kit is the best and most powerful way to say goodbye to UTIs. The Utiva UTI Control Supplement has a 3 month supply of once-a-day pills that will help avoid UTIs. Use the Utiva UTI Test Strips at home or when you travel so that you can screen the UTI at your convenience. Read the Utiva UTI Guide eBook to learn other lifestyle choices you can make to avoid UTIs once and for all.

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One pill a day
Made in Canada
Doctor recommended and medical-grade.
Utiva Urinary Tract Health Control

Just one capsule a day to combat recurrent UTIs. Compared with regular cranberry pills for UTIs, each UTI Control capsule contains 36 mg of PACs at 15% concentration - one of the highest in the market, and the clinically proven amount necessary to be effective at avoiding UTIs.

Take 1 capsule daily around the same time with or without food.

Sex-Associated or symptomatic
Take 2 Utiva capsules the day of and 2 more 24 hours later.

Utiva UTI Test Strips

Check your symptoms at home with this simple mid-stream UTI test strip. Just like your doctor's clinic, these check for leukocytes (white blood cells) and nitrites (Ecoli).

1. Treat as mid stream test and urinate on the strip so the target pads are wet. 

2. Check the color changes for Nitrates at 1 minute and Leukocytes at  2 minutes. 

Note: The colors will continue to change after specified times.


Utiva UTI Guide eBook

A reference for tips and education on UTIs, how they affect us and options to consider to minimize recurrences.