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The Link Between Dementia and UTIs: Spotting the Signs and Preventing Infection

People with dementia are twice as likely to develop UTIs. Here’s how to spot the symptoms and prevent infections, including the best cranberry pills for UTI.

If you get a UTI, does that mean you will have another one?

Although it's common to have a UTI more than once in your life, having one UTI does not condemn you to multiple UTIs to come!

How to Establish Healthy Habits (And Stick to Them)

A full guide to breaking habits, forming healthy ones, and using them to improve your well-being—from your mental health to your urinary tract.

Pelvic Health Issues in Women: Navigating Challenges at Every Age

UTIs from sex. Bladder problems postmenopause. Women are prone to pelvic health issues at every age—but prevention is possible through lifestyle changes and supplements.

Yeast infection vs. UTI: How can you tell the difference?

Sometimes telling the difference between a yeast infection and UTI can be tricky. Here are some key differences to look out for.

Natural Supplements for UTI Prevention

Utiva cranberry pills, D-mannose, and probiotics are all high-quality natural supplements for UTI prevention.

Biofilms: The Not-So-Secret Cause of Chronic UTIs

Suffering from frequent UTIs? Biofilms might be to blame. Here’s how to prevent them, including the best cranberry pills for UTIs.

Flowens vs. PACs: What is the difference?

Clearing the confusion on how Flowens and PACs provide different benefits for urinary tract health (even though both are technically cranberry).

Lifestyle changes and herbal options for OAB. What can you do on your own?

Urologist, Dr. Yana Barbalat explains 5 ways you can naturally manage OAB symptoms on your own, before seeing a doctor – aka first-line treatment for OAB.

Why should you take a probiotic with Lactobacillus to prevent UTIs?

Do probiotics help UTI prevention? The answer is yes—as long as they contain Lactobacillus. Discover the benefits of this superstar bacteria for UTI prevention, immune function, gut health, and more.

9 signs of an unhealthy gut (and what to do about it)

Your gut microbiome is the foundation of your health. Here are 9 signs that it needs some love—plus our top tips for boosting your gut health over time.

How to optimize water intake for better bladder health

Drinking more water is crucial for staying healthy and preventing UTIs. Here are tips to stay hydrated and boost water absorption.

Is it possible for a UTI to go away without the use of antibiotics?

Good news - for some UTI patients, all it takes is waiting 48 hours to feel better. That's why its usually recommended to hold off on antibiotic treatment unless symptoms worsen.

3 incredible health benefits of D-mannose

Meet D-mannose: an all-natural sugar that can prevent UTIs, stimulate good bacteria growth, and even treat a rare disease called carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type 1b.

The 411 on Incontinence

Most people think that all incontinence is the same, but incontinence comes in few different varieties: stress incontinence, urge incontinence, and overflow incontinence. Here is the difference between all three forms and how to treat them.

The amazing health benefits of cranberries: From UTI prevention to cancer

Cranberries can prevent UTIs, kill cancer cells, lower cholesterol, and even improve your memory. But how you consume them makes a difference. Here’s everything you need to know.

UTIs during pregnancy: Your guide to risks, treatment, and prevention

Over 30% of pregnant women will get a UTI. Here’s why it’s so common and how you can prevent UTIs during pregnancy—and beyond.

What is the best age to start taking care of your prostate?

50% of men over the age of 50 are impacted by their enlarged prostate. Here’s a guide for when (and how) to start taking action on your prostate health — from screening options to the best prostate supplement.

If I am experiencing frequency, how can I tell if it’s from OAB or infection?

It's not easy to define urinary frequency because what’s “normal” is different for everyone, depending on fluid intake and many other factors. Urologist, Dr. Yana Barbalat explains some of the most common reasons why you might be experiencing frequency.

I am experiencing UTI symptoms, but my urine cultures keep coming back negative. What should I do?

Just because you feel like you have a UTI, doesn't always mean that you have a UTI. There are many causes of UTI like symptoms which are often very treatable. The key is to find a good doctor and get the right diagnosis.

Can men get overactive bladder? How is it different from prostate issues?

OAB can be a confusing topic because there are many causes for both men and women, and research is still under way. Here is a list of what we know can cause OAB in men and how OAB differs from prostate issues.

The UTI Tracker App

Over 100 million UTIs are diagnosed annually. Learn about Board Certified Urologist Dr. Dana Rice's digital platform and how it has helped 81% of users experience a reduction in the number of UTIs.

The different types of cranberry measurements and why they matter for UTI supplements

How do you know if a cranberry supplement is effective? It all depends on the amount of PACs and how they’re measured.

What can family members do for seniors who have recurrent UTIs?

How you can recognize their symptoms and avoid antibiotic use when unnecessary? Understanding and managing a senior’s UTI symptoms can be tricky, but prevention is possible with the proper education and resources.

The side effects of OAB medication and how they impact patient compliance

78% of people who start OAB drugs stop taking them within a year. Here are the harsh side effects to watch out for, plus the natural OAB supplement that can help.