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May 04, 2023 6 min read

Natural Supplements for UTI Prevention

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Urinary tract infections are a pain. Treating them can be just as painful. Although antibiotics are great at clearing out UTIs, they come with tough side effects and can lead to antibiotic resistance if taken incorrectly. 

Luckily, there are highly effective natural supplements for UTI prevention, so you can be proactive and skip the endless antibiotics cycle altogether. And because we love you (and despise UTIs), we compiled a list of the top supplements that can prevent UTIs for good. 

What causes UTIs?

UTIs are caused by bacteria. Bad bacteria to be exact. Harmful intruders like E.coli can find their way into your urinary tract, attach to the lining, and multiply. 

Sex is one of the most common causes of UTI. It shakes up the bacteria in the vagina and brings new bacteria in. 

But sex isn’t the only UTI culprit. Pregnancy, menopause, antibiotic use, and simply being a woman can all lead to frequent UTIs. Seriously — 27% of women will experience another UTI within 6 months of the first one. Click here to learn why your infection might be coming back uninvited.

How can you tell if you have a UTI? The symptoms are tough to ignore. Most of them are painful, uncomfortable, and even awkward: 

  • A sudden urge to pee (urgency)
  • Feeling like you need to pee all the time (frequency)
  • A burning sensation when you pee 
  • Urine looks cloudy/bloody or smells strange 
  • Struggling to pee 
  • Lower back or abdominal pain 
  • Pain during sex 

It’s important to note that not all UTIs have noticeable symptoms. Some infections cause subtle symptoms, like fatigue and muscle aches. These are known as silent UTIs and can be extremely dangerous — even life-threatening. If left untreated, UTIs can spread to the kidneys or the bloodstream and cause serious issues. 

How do you treat UTIs? Are there any risks to antibiotics?

Right now, antibiotics are the only treatment for UTIs. Antibiotics are incredibly effective for clearing an infection but have some serious downfalls. 

Antibiotics can cause side effects like rash, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and yeast infections. They can also lead to antibiotic-resistant infections or something called C. diff infection. The latter causes diarrhea that can damage the colon and even, in some cases, result in death. 

Another downfall to antibiotics: bacteria imbalance. Antibiotics don’t know the difference between bad and good bacteria. They just kill everything they can find. This clears your infection, but leaves your gut and vaginal flora totally out of whack, ironically leading to more UTIs. 

Last (but definitely not least), your body can become resistant to antibiotics if taken incorrectly. For example, if you stop taking your pills halfway through the prescribed treatment. This is very dangerous because it makes future infections harder to treat. Antibiotic resistance has become a global health concern. Over 35,000 people die every year from antibiotic-resistant infections in the US alone.

Why is it important to prevent UTIs? 

By preventing UTIs before they happen, you can: 

  • Steer clear of painful and annoying symptoms 
  • Avoid antibiotic use and resistance
  • Ensure your body responds to antibiotics in the future, if needed
  • Maintain a balanced gut and vaginal flora 
  • Stop the frequent or recurrent UTI cycle 

Sounds good, right? The only question is — how? Here are some simple lifestyle changes that can help prevent UTIs: 

  • Drink lots of water and pee often, especially before and after sex 
  • Keep things extra clean around your vagina and rectum
  • Wipe front to back after using the toilet to avoid E.coli spread 
  • Talk to your doctor about ways to balance your estrogen levels, especially if you’re entering perimenopause or menopause 
  • Be mindful of bacteria during sex and when choosing a contraceptive
  • Take natural supplements for UTI prevention 

What are the best natural supplements for UTI prevention? 

Utiva has a full family of 100% natural, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, and halal supplements that are clinically proven to prevent UTIs. Let’s meet the gang. 

Cranberry PACs 

We call her the queen bee. Utiva Cranberry PACs is the essential UTI supplement every infection-prone pal needs in their cupboard. 

PACs — also known as proanthocyanidins — are powerful, all-natural nutrients found in cranberries. In small doses, they don’t do much. But when carefully concentrated and formulated, PACs is proven to stop harmful bacteria from sticking to your urinary tract. 

Utiva Cranberry PACs provides the recommended dose of 36mg of soluble PACs per capsule. This is not an easy dose to accomplish. In fact, one Utiva cranberry pill is equivalent to 9 regular cranberry pills. Imagine taking 9 capsules in one go, every single day. No thanks. 

Because of its superior 15% concentration, Utiva Cranberry PACs is proven to fight a range of bacteria, including E.coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Enterococcus faecalis

Utiva Cranberry PACs has also been recognized by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC). That means it has been carefully reviewed by a panel of medical professionals to confirm it’s a safe and effective supplement—all based on scientific evidence.




If Cranberry PACs is the queen bee, D-Mannose is her loyal sidekick. Written as D-mannose or D’mannose, this natural sugar is found in many fruits, vegetables, and the human body. 

Just like PACs, D-mannose is proven to stop bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract — specifically E.coli. Since up to 90% of UTIs are caused by E.coli, this supplement is an important addition to your infection prevention routine. 

Utiva D-Mannose is 100% natural. It pulls raw materials from local sources and is manufactured in GMP-certified facilities to ensure high performance and stability. All you need are two small capsules twice daily to prevent UTIs long-term. 

For optimal results, bundle D-mannose with Utiva Cranberry PACs: the ultimate dynamic duo for UTI prevention. 

(PS. D-mannose has other health benefits besides preventing UTIs. Check it out.)




Probiotics are good bacteria that have countless health benefits. They naturally support your immune system, improve your gut health, and manage infections. Probiotics can also keep your microbiome in balance and repair the damage that antibiotics do to your body, especially for those suffering from chronic UTIs.

Utiva Probiotic checks off all the boxes of a clinically effective probiotic supplement. It has 30 billion CFU at the time of manufacturing. It has a unique blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotic strains, which are both proven to help prevent UTIs (specifically Lactobacillus). And the pill itself uses a proprietary DR Capsule technology to avoid stomach acid, boost stability, and minimize taste and odour. 

HOT TIP: You can get all three supplements listed above in one Max Power Bundle. Easy peasy. 



Why is Utiva a trusted source of natural supplements for UTI? 

There are three core focuses that make Utiva’s natural supplements effective, safe, and recommended by healthcare professionals.  

1. Superior ingredients 

All-natural solutions in their purest form. Utiva minimizes the number of fillers and non-medicinal ingredients to ensure the cleanest possible supplements. Every active and non-active ingredient is meticulously investigated before it finds its way into a product. Plus, all Utiva products are made locally to reduce our carbon footprint. 

2. High-standard manufacturing processes

Utiva cares about quality, without sacrificing the environment. All Utiva products are manufactured at GMP-certified facilities across North America. Ingredients are sourced from farms using agricultural methods that are economically viable, socially fair, and ecologically sound. And propane gas is even replaced with liquid biogas from the landfill. 

3. Trusted by 10,000+ doctors across North America 

Utiva products are recommended by thousands of doctors from coast to coast. They have seen incredible results with their patients who take Utiva supplements as a solution for their UTIs. 

Watch this video to hear Dr. Carolyn Best explaining how UTIs work and how Utiva can help.

Other doctors echo her recommendation: 

“Utiva is a great, clean cranberry product which has been very effective in preventing UTIs in many of my patients.”

  • Yanina Barbalat, Urologist

“When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients select a product that contains 36 mg of proanthocyanidins (PACs).”

  • Dr. Colleen McDermott, Urogynecologist

Ready to start your natural UTI supplement journey? 

Utiva is here to help make it as seamless as possible. Find the full product collection here, complete with customer reviews, doctor recommendations, ingredient lists, and dosage instructions. Our FAQ has answers to all your burning questions (like, how long until it stops burning when I pee?!). And our blog is full of helpful info about UTIs, bladder health, sexual health, and more. 

When in doubt, contact us anytime for more information on our products. UTIs suck. But together we can prevent them for good, with effective and all-natural ingredients from the earth.

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