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Gut Health

Utiva Probiotic has a unique blend of probiotic strains, containing 30 Billion CFU at the time of manufacturing. Our Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG strain has numerous studies on helping to reduce antibiotic side effects. We have a proprietary technology designed to resist stomach acid, enhance stability and minimize any taste and odor.

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A powerful addition to help restore gut health and recover from antibiotic usage.

36PAC Power Bundle

36PAC Power Bundle

Bundle our essential Cranberry PACs and Probiotic for urinary tract and gut health.

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36PAC Power Bundle

36PAC Power Bundle

Bundle our essential Cranberry PACs and Probiotic for urinary tract and gut health.

36PACs & D-mannose Bundle

36PACs & D-mannose Bundle

A bundle with the 2 main active ingredients to help prevent UTIs - Cranberry PACs & D-Mannose.

D-Mannose Power Bundle

D-Mannose Power Bundle

A great bundle to help target E.coli and improve urinary tract and gut health.

MAX Power Bundle

MAX Power Bundle

The triple action ultimate prevention bundle including Utiva Cranberry PACs, D-Mannose and Probiotic.

What is the Utiva difference?

100% natural

Doctor Recommended

Clinically Proven

Non GMO & Gluten Free

Vegan & Halal

Locally Made

Learn how Utiva has helped others to live free of UTIs

“I started taking Utiva because I was experiencing bladder issues as I went into menopause”

Since taking it daily, I no longer feel the sudden urge to urinate several times a day, and overall I feel like my bladder health has improved a lot. I highly recommend women in peri menopause and menopause take 1 capsule of Utiva daily to help maintain healthy urinary bacteria levels.

Andrea Donsky, RHN

Bladder health due to menopause

“Those of us who suffer from UTIs know how frustrating it can be”.

Instead of antibiotics every time, I tried to find natural options so I didn’t have to put my body through so much medication. discovered Utiva in one of my searches and started to look more into this 36mg PAC formulation. I had taken a bunch of cranberry pills before but none of them worked...
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Recurrent UTIs

“I've regularly had easily identified full-blown UTIs treated with a variety of antibiotics”.

I learned of Utiva through a friend and am so very relieved to have found it. I take it daily along with a capsule of D-Mannose and, for the first time in years, feel that my UTI's are under control. Whew!!”


Silent UTI


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