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April 21, 2022 1 min read

Are cranberry pills safe for people who are on blood thinners?

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By Board Certified Urologist Dr. Yana Barbalat

Cranberries are considered safe for patients who take Warfarin (Coumadin®). All recent larger studies point to the fact that there is no interaction between cranberry and blood thinners. Therefore, experts believe that cranberries, and cranberry products, are safe to consume with Coumadin®.  In 2011, the FDA updated their patient Medication Guide for warfarin, which excluded a warning to avoid cranberry, based on the evidence that cranberry appeared to be safe for consumption with the blood thinner.  However, Health Canada still has a warning for patients who are on blood thinners to check with their doctor prior to using cranberry supplements.

The great thing about Utiva, is that even though the evidence says cranberry products are safe, for extra precaution Utiva Cranberry PACs removes the vitamin K from their 36 mg Cranberry PACs supplement. As an extra measure, Utiva Cranberry PACs capsules are third party tested to ensure there is no Vitamin K and the blood thinning effects of Warfarin should not be affected. However, if you are concerned or have questions when taking Warfarin, please tell your healthcare provider about any supplement use.

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