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Utiva UTI Control Supplement - 30 Capsule Box

Utiva UTI Control Supplement - 30 Capsule Box | Utiva

Utiva UTI Control Supplement - 30 Capsule Box


Prevent UTIs naturally
Just one capsule a day for better health

 Stop UTIs before they start

  • Extracted from deep within cranberries, doctors recommend 36mg PACs to prevent recurring UTIs and reduce antibiotic issues.
  • The American Urological Association upgraded its guidelines to include cranberries as a non-antibiotic option with a special mention that PACs (Proanthocyanidins) are the bioactive molecule of the cranberry.

Utiva is the only available cranberry supplement with 36mg of PACs in Canada.

  • Clinically proven to work, Canadian-made Utiva UTI Control supplements are medical grade, natural, safe, and antibiotic-free.
  • Extracted with precision through Utiva’s proprietary process, Utiva capsules contain the highest active concentrated ingredient available, which are barely present in other cranberry supplements.

Take back control

  • Each one-a-day capsule is packed full of 36mg of bioactive PACs at concentrated strength - the exact dosage proven to fight off UTI-causing bacteria, and flush it out of your system.
  • Also promotes gut and heart health.

Reclaim Your Life - Live UTI Free

"Very impressed with this product. In the previous year, I had 13 UTIs, was taking a cranberry supplement and had been on countless prescribed meds. I started Utiva the day I received it and things have turned around. I am delighted with this product."
Carol, Toronto, Canada

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I recommend this product


I get frequent UTI's and usually end up having to take antibiotics (as always). I ended up getting may different issues with antibiotics, which is why I try to avoid it as best as I can. As people with UTI's know, this isn't an easy task!! I just took a vacation where there was a lot of swimming and water activities (hot springs, pools, etc) and basically lived in my swimsuit. I could feel the onset of a UTI AND an irritation and took these supplements. After 3 pills, it's gone. GONE. It's honestly incredible! I would highly, highly, highly recommend taking this product travelling and on a daily basis! It's WORTH IT (vs. the other outcome!)

Karen S.
I recommend this product

Karen , Oakville

I have been using Utiva for almost 3 months now and have not had a UTI since. Prior to using it I would get one every one to two weeks. My situation has become chronic over the past few years and I hated taking antibiotics regularly. Side affects of the antibiotics had become another problem as well. I highly recommend this product and I will continue to use it moving forward!

Carol B.
I recommend this product

Utiva UTI Control Supplement

Very impressed with this product. In the previous year, I’d had 13 UTI’s and i was taking a cranberry supplement and had been on countless prescribed meds. I started this product the day I received it a few months ago and things have turned around. I am delighted with this product.

I recommend this product

Infections chroniques

Bonjour, Je suis blessée Medullaire, paraplégique et j’ai passé aux fils des ans de 1 à 3 infections/ année à une tous les mois depuis ces trois dernières années puis suis en infections urinaire chronique depuis plusieurs mois. Les antibiotiques ont démontrés leur limites; augmentant la tolerances de certains germes et bactéries. Donc, étant donné la résistance aux antibiotiques qui laisse les germes présents dans la vessie après le traitement avec en plus les effets secondaires et les infections vaginales à répétions, j’ai décidé d’arrêter les traitements et de prendre le Utiva pour prévenir une colonisation multiple. En effet, cela fait près de deux mois que la bactérie présente ( Seracia marsessens), qui ne peut être éradiquer que par les antibiotiques, est demeurée la seule présente dans ma vessie. Cela veut dire que le supplément a efficacement lutter contre la prolifération d’autres bactérie autre que celle déjà présente depuis plrs mois. J’ai souvent eu de 2 à 4 colonisations bactériennes simultanément ! J’affirme que le Utiva est efficace dans la prévention des infections urinaires. A noter que je suis un cas particulier. Ne pouvant être mise en profilaxie ( dose basse quotidienne d’antibiotiques ) étant donné le portait varié des bactéries qui se succèdent .... que Dieu vous bénisse ! Hello, I am injured Medullary paraplegic and I spent the years of 1 to 3 infections / year to one every month for the past three years and am in chronic urinary tract infections for several months. Antibiotics have demonstrated their limits; increasing the tolerances of certain germs and bacteria. So, given the antibiotic resistance that leaves the germs present in the bladder after the treatment with the added side effects and repetitive vaginal infections, I decided to stop the treatments and take the Utiva to prevent a multiple colonization. Indeed, it has been nearly two months that the bacterium present (Seracia marsessens), which can be eradicated only by antibiotics, remained the only present in my bladder. This means that the supplement has effectively fight against the proliferation of other bacteria other than that already present for months. I often had 2 to 4 bacterial colonizations simultaneously! I say that Utiva is effective in preventing urinary tract infections. Note that I am a special case. Can not be profiled (low daily dose of antibiotics) given the varied variety of bacteria that succeed ... God bless you!

I recommend this product

It’s been only a month

It’s been only a month but so far so good..