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Isabelle - Quebec, Canada

The supplements are amazing. I used to get 2 or 3 UTIs a year and I’d given up on cranberry supplements because they did nothing. I hated that I was taking so many antibiotics (and hello, yeast infection 😒) and it was such a hassle to get a prescription. My doctor recommended these to me and I’m so glad I tried them. Haven’t had a UTI since!

Kim - Toronto, Canada

I have experienced Chronic Uti’s since my cancer treatment ended. I tried every product under the sun and drank so much pure cranberry juice, it gave me a sour tummy. I found Utiva a few months ago after having a uti every three weeks. I love how easy it was for once a day for 24 hrs protection. It’s easy! It also works unbelievably. Today at Sunnybrook Hospital my urologist told me about Utiva. I had to laugh as I’m already on it. I would highly recommend this product.

Marcela - New Jersey, USA

I was always curious about the proper dosage of cranberry PACs, in order for this to work for UTIs. After I read the medical studies that concluded 36mg per capsule is the needed dosage, I tried this product and it works great for me.

Once A Day
Natural Prevention!

Utiva provides 36mg of 100% cranberry PACs. PACs actually stop bacteria from sticking to your urinary tract which prevents infections. 


720% more PACs than standard 500mg High Dose Cranberry Capsules


No more Antibiotics!


Anitbiotics are needed to kill bacteria when there's an infection. If there's no infection, then there's no need for anitbiotics! It's as simple as that!


Utiva is natural prevention that works!



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