Patient Experiences

Are you a frequent flyer in the UTI club?

Utiva, by Szio+, patient experiences and testimonials

Recurring urinary tract infections are painful to live with, and often difficult to talk about. Every day we hear from customers who are in crisis, as well as many others who are relieved and grateful to have found Utiva which is working to put an end to their suffering and giving them back their quality of life.

Here are just a few of their comments:

"I have suffered with UTI’s for over 20 years and especially over past 5 became chronic and lived on antibiotics. I am a type 1 diabetic so prone to UTI’s. I had tried very many other products and supplements. My very respected Dr at Sunnybrook personally called me when she became aware of SZIO and recommended to me. I have been using faithfully every day now for over 6 months and still clear for the first time in a very long time. Thanks making this excellent product available."

L.M. – Ontario

"I have experienced chronic UTI’s since my cancer treatment end. I have tried every product under the sun and drank so much pure cranberry juice, it gave me a sour tummy. I came across this product a few months ago after having a uti every three weeks I decided to give Szio+ a try. I love how easy it is, take one pill same time everyday for 24 hrs protection. It’s easy! It also works unbelievably. I’ve made it 6 weeks without having a Uti. Today at Sunnybrook Hospital my urologist told me about Szio+. I had to laugh as I’m already on it. I want to thank Derek and his team for their help and for creating a product that actually works. I would highly recommend this product."

K.F. – Ontario

"Since I started taking Szio+ supplements, I have been able to enjoy doing activities I avoided due to the frequency or risk of getting a UTI. I take it daily and have been UTI free, which is a lifesaver, since I used to get them at least once every 1 to 2 months. Going swimming or using a hot tub was always a trigger for me as well and I that take 2 capsules prior to these activities just in case. I will continue using the supplement and keep the test strips handy just in case I need to check!"

H.C. – Vancouver

"I am post menopausal and have experienced a high frequency of UTIs for many years. My biggest fear is for when I’m travelling and especially somewhere warm. I found that taking Szio+ prior to my trips and daily while away has kept me UTI free lately. The worst is having a UTI while travelling and needing to take antibiotics all the time. It was a choice between daily antibiotics and a supplement that works. "

M.G. – Ontario