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Locally sourced and manufactured…

Our partner production facility is located in Champlain, Quebec, Canada, which is the destination of all our cranberries for the purpose scientific extraction. At this plant, we specialize in the extraction, purification and standardization of bioactive components for health products at over 100 tonnes per year.

Environmentally friendly and sustainability promise: 

  • From the Fields to Final product with responsible local sourcing
  • Safety and Health culture in implementation
  • Low Footprint impact thanks to Renewable Energy from local Biogas+ Hydro electricity origin/ Hydro-Québec
  • Wastes recycling and by-products vaporization ( 2017 CAPEX on sugars)
  • Strong partnership with universities network (INAF, CRIQ, CEPROQ, Laval University in Quebec , McGill University, etc)

The steps broken down in a simplified format:

  1. Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), the native North American fruit are harvested in Canada and the US. 
  2. Mashed into a liquid and a solid fraction.
  3. Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are extracted as a liquid from the solid fraction.
  4. Both liquid fractions are now combined and dried into a powder using a Vacuum Oven.
  5. This process allows us to create a 15% PAC concentration.

Utiva, by Szio+, UTI Prevention Supplement, 36mg Proanthocyanidins, 36PACUtiva, by Szio+, UTI Prevention Supplement, 36mg Proanthocyanidins, 36PAC

      Unlike Utiva by Szio+, most cranberry products are processed right into a powder and have between 0.5-1% PAC concentration which is far below what is clinically required to prevent UTIs.

      Not all cranberry supplements are the same.

      Make sure your product states how much of the bioactive component (Proanthocyanidins) are within the capsules. The clinically proven dosage for prevention is 36mg PAC per day.