COVID-19: Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Many of us are taking care of our families including seniors.  During these unprecedented times it is important to have quick access to resources. We have compiled a list we hope will be helpful to families to meet their day to day needs and enjoy life.  Let's work together to #flattenthecurve as we fight this COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 resources

Online Doctors, Virtual Health & Prescriptions

Doctor examines sick patient through computer screen

Telehealth has definitely taken a popular upswing lately and the service has drawn a lot more attention lately with COVID-19. Staying away from other people and especially crowded waiting rooms is very important during these challenging times and Telehealth has the ability to do that. It is not ideal for every problem someone may have, but for the most common ones like colds, flu & UTIs, this service could be a time saver. OHIP is covering many of these services too. Here are some options for Canada:

Check UTIs at home for FREE

Experiencing UTI symptoms? Take advantage of Utiva UTI Tests for screening at-home before calling an online doctor or just to know yourself. Limited quantities & shipping charges may apply. Also check out Utiva Control Supplement Once a Day prevention, clinically proven and Made in Canada. Free Shipping over $25.

Grocery Deliveries 

grocery delivery

We all need our groceries but below are links to companies offering home delivery. Please check out what is available in your area, delivery timings and their charges.

Virtual Entertainment 

Don't forget to have fun. Limit your news watching to 30 minutes in the morning and the end of the day and enjoy your time with your families and access many online streaming options. 

Financial Breaks 

Fortunately our Canadian Government is doing what they can to help out individuals and businesses that are meeting financial challenges during this time. With the mandate for people to practice social distancing and stay at home, the economic burden is severe. See the following for options that are being offered:

This information is available on an easy to read PDF file by clicking on right here!

If you find any more resources that you would like to share with everyone, please write to us at and we will add it to this list for others to benefit as well. 

Be Home, Be Safe and Be Healthy.