Utiva UTI Test Strips
Utiva UTI Test Strips
Utiva UTI Test Strips

Utiva UTI Test Strips

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This is for
- If you want to skip the doctor's office and test for a UTI at home or when traveling
- Want a quick, discrete and reliable way to test for a UTI

Why Utiva UTI Test Strips?
The same type of tests that most doctors use to diagnose a UTI. Utiva UTI Test Strips have 2 tests in one.  It checks for Leukocyte (white blood cells) and Nitrite (presence of Ecoli) which are both things that signal if you have an UTI and give you results in just 2 minutes.

Test safely and simply and then follow up with your doctor when needed.

Health Canada Approved
Results in 2 minutes
Individually packed for convenience


1. Treat as mid stream test and urinate on the strip so the target pads are wet.

2. Check the color changes for Nitrates at 1 minute and Leukocytes at 2 minutes.

Note: The colors will continue to change after specified times.

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