Utiva UTI Guide eBook

Utiva UTI Guide eBook

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The Utiva UTI Guide eBook has been reviewed by specialists and has a message from Dr. Colleen McDermott, a well-renowned Urogynecologist at Mt Sinai Hospital who speaks towards the trouble with managing UTIs. This is a quick read covering a number of topics such as bladder friendly foods, exercise, fashion, sex, travel and more. 

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“I was on antibiotics every single time I had a UTI. This made me scared, because what if I created resistance to other antibiotics for when I really needed it? I started taking cranberry pills and juices but those had so much sugar in it. I found Utiva and I’m thrilled to say that I’ve not had a UTI since! ”

"I recommend 36mg of PACs"

"Managing recurrent urinary tract infections can be complex. Antibiotics are the first line treatment but there are clinically proven options the can help prevent recurrences. When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients to select a product that contains 36mg of Proanthocyanidins(PACs). The evidence supports PACs as being the active molecule of the cranberry which prevents bacterial adherence to the bladder wall thus helping to reduce recurrent UTIs."

Dr Colleen McDermott, Urogynecologist Mount Sinai Hospital

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